Smiling for Humanity

I wasn’t feeling it. I was in full work mode, walking fast through the parking lot, thinking about the end of the day before it started. I was not smiling. 

I heard this laughter.

I looked up and saw a girl in a wheelchair. She seemed to be around ten years of age. Her legs made it clear she was never going to walk.

She, however, had some moves up her sleeve. She was wheeling herself away from the parked cars laughing…like full belly laughs. That’s what made me stop. 

I then noticed a man speaking out in a language I didn’t recognize. But it was obvious he was saying, “hey you get back here” or something like that. 

The story became clear. This was a father daughter moment. As the dad was prepping the car to put his daughter in, she decided to be a jokester and wheel away – fast. 

He chased after her.

They both laughed so hard.I couldn’t help but smile and giggle myself. I wanted to take a picture, better yet a video. I wanted to tell the father how beautiful this moment was to me. I wanted to thank them. It lifted my spirits and put me in a better mood. 

This story is  not the inspiration for our Smile for Humanity designs, but it definitely is symbolic of it. It’s so easy to forget how powerful smiling can be. I know it’s not realistic to be happy and smiley all the time. But the energy exchanged from the simple expression of a smile is one of the gifts of being human. So if you’re able, Smile for Humanity.

Proceeds from our Smile for Humanity tees help to support Hygienists for Humanity. A non-profit that connects communities experiencing homelessness with quality oral care and hygiene products.

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