Smile With Callie

Smile with Callie Smile Story No. 2

Inspired by our Not So Smiley story, Callie got down to business to share her story and you’re gonna love it.

I got pregnant with my son right after graduating high school. I still felt like a child myself.

I had no set plans for my future and here I was bringing a child into the world. On top of that, things didn’t work out with my son’s father so I moved back home to be with my family. I began staying out every weekend and partying all night long. I was not the mom I know I should have been. I still struggle with this feeling.

My story took a turn when I met a guy.

I thought I found my perfect match. This guy swept me off my feet and told me everything that I wanted to hear. He proposed marriage within three months of knowing each other and I was ECSTATIC. During our engagement, he cheated on me. I wanted this love story SO badly, I believed he would change.

The verbal abuse started long before the physical abuse.

He told me that no one would ever love me like he did. He controlled the way I dressed. He controlled me going out with my friends because “a wife should act a certain way.” My brain tricked itself into thinking, “he Is just doing this because he loves me.”

I wish I could end this story with, ” I left him”.

Well, I didn’t. One day, I came home after work, and my house was completely empty. He took everything that we owned together and moved in with a mutual friend that he had been having an affair with. I also I wish I could say, lesson learned but…I wanted to do anything to fill that void and I thought being in love again would do it.

Can you believe the next guy did the exact same thing?

Honestly, at this point I wanted to give up on life and love completely. But I told myself that I was going to start living for ME and make myself happy. I stopped looking to others to define my happiness. I convinced myself that I deserved so much more than what I had been getting and that I would never settle for less again.

I am now married to the greatest man on the planet. I chose to forgive those that wronged me in my past and I choose compassion over bitterness. I say all of this in hopes to inspire at least one person. And I hope you choose to smile and turn your pain into something amazing!

Callie is on her way to becoming registered dental hygienist. Follow her journey on Insta @smilewithcallie and check out her blog HERE. Shop Callie’s Smile for Humanity tank. Listen to the Nevertheless She Smiled Playlist.