They say it  takes  more muscles to frown than it does to smile…

We say smiling takes more neurons, and there’s so much more to smiling.

Smiling is more about mental health don’t ya think? Extreme life challenges certainly make it difficult to smile, and let’s not forget those who put on a smile but suffer alone behind closed doors.  
So what are WE going to do about it?
Keep telling people to smile as we pass by?
A big part of sharing a smile, is to “see” a smile (or lack thereof).  This platform will bring awareness to the basic hygiene, oral hygiene and mental hygiene needs of under-served populations.
It is our aim for our Smiley Things to make a statement that sparks a conversation and a smile.
We want the wearers of our brand to proudly share the stories behind each design and save those smile tags for the perfect time to share a random act of kindness.
Buy a t-shirt, that’s it? 
Nope. No way. Your purchase helps provide and/or restore basic hygiene and dental restorative needs to those who need it most. In addition to sharing proceeds from sales to non-profits, we proudy donate our very own eco-friendly toothbrushes worldwide. 
Want to help in more ways than just buying stuff? Join our Smiling Heart Warriors and share your story. Pass out our smile tags that were made for paying it forward with an act of kindness. Join our closed Facebook community to share your stories or get your own smile inspiration.
There’s more happiness in giving than there is in receiving – 100%. What’s making us smile? Giving to help:
  • provide oral care products or basic hygiene commodities – like water, a hot shower and a toothbrush
  • provide oral care services to the under-served
  • pass along our smile tags to make someone else’s day
Seeing you spread the power of a smiling heart within your community. You our kind of Bird!
Here's a peek at one of our inspirations
GIVE BACK A SMILE - #smilingwarrior

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