Catrina Houston and the Smile Effect

Catrina Houston introduces us to smile story no. 3 and it’s what Catrina did with the cards she was dealt that’s so inspiring. 

My story is unfortunately similar to many.

Drug addicted mother, alcoholic father, and just another statistic who grew up in the system.  Fortunately I grew up in a small town, surrounded by people who encouraged me to be better than the life I was brought into. 

Despite not being able to read until the 3rd grade and struggling through high school, I held on to the notion that God had bigger plans for me. I was not just put on this earth to survive but rather thrive and to help others do the same. 

I went on to become a Registered Dental Hygienist, a published author, speaker and now have my own podcast called The Smile Effect. 

On The Smile Effect Podcast, I interview people who have faced adversity but instead of staying stuck in the darkness they turn their pain into purpose. I believe every person has a story but it’s what you do with that story that defines you. 

“God doesn’t make mistakes nor is anyone here just to fill space. We’re all connected and we all have a purpose. You don’t get to choose the circumstances you’re born into but you do get to choose the life you will live.”

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Listen to Christie Lincoln’s, Founder of Your Smiling Hygienist, interview on the Smile Effect podcast HERE. The Smile Effect Podcast is  available on all major podcast platforms.

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