Nevertheless She Smiled Blog Post

“Nevertheless She Smiled” sounds like the next made for TV movie from Lifetime or Rachel Hollis book. It’s not. Don’t get me wrong, events in my own life are movie worthy but this ain’t about me (bad English on purpose).

I consider myself a listener.

Correction, make that an active listener. I love digging in conversations and gleaning life lessons, big and small. Conversation after conversation with women from all backgrounds, I know one thing to be true. Pain does not discriminate and life, well, let’s just say it takes some G-R-I-T to live it. Although it is trendy to look at a person’s hair and skin color and assume they either live a life of privilege or life of hardship – life itself does not care about any of that. It goes on. It happens with or without “privilege”.

Which is why I am always inspired

by those willing to share their experiences. Debilitating mental illness, abuse, grief and loss, the stories shared come in all colors, size, age and income brackets. They also unearth one consistent theme: she who does not give up someway, somehow, eventually – smiles.

It is my hope to share as many of these chronicles, to inspire, empower or simply let the next gal know she can get there too. 

And so I present the “Nevertheless She Smiled” Collection.

 A celebration of YOUR strength and determination to get to that place of inner-peace, mental wellness and a life lived abundantly – comfortable in your own skin. This collection is also dedicated to all the people who sat in my dental chair and allowed me into their life even if for a moment. We laughed, cried, talked about history, the future and held mini therapy sessions. I appreciate everyone of you.

The “Nevertheless She Smiled” collection is around for a limited time only and plays a role in the bigger mission of sharing to help real life smiles. Read more here.

Want to be featured on our blog? We are looking for Smiling Heart Ambassadors. What does that mean? If you have a story you want to share, and you align with our message – let’s chat. Reach out below.

Every Drop

Every Drop Counts

Have you seen the hashtag Every Drop Counts. I’m a little embarrassed. I did not pay it any real attention.  I turn off the water when I brush…so why would I think twice about #EveryDropCounts?

As I was lusting over some beaded jewelry, I saw a small mention about a water program for residents of the Navajo Indian reservation. I clicked through to the website of the organization helping to bring clean water to communities. Here’s what I found:

Needless to say#EveryDropCounts took on a whole new meaning. Prior to seeing this video, if you asked me what I was thankful for, clean, running water was not on my list. Anything less than clean running water seems like an issue for under developed countries – it’s not. Thank you Colgate for representing the heart of oral health on this matter and Dig Deep for bringing attention to this quiet problem happening across the country. 

To learn more about Dig Deep, click here.