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How you make Your Smiling Hygienist a reality 

“Smiley designs won’t make the world a brighter place…but I am confident the people who wear our designs are trying their best.”


Founder of Your Smiling Hygienist

Once upon a time there was a dental hygienist who LOVED her job. 

Then one day…

She had a baby. And another one. Annnddd another. She left clinical work to be home with her kiddos, but soon realized she yearned for an outlet to share her experience and passion. So she did what a lot of mothers do…started a blog. Yep it was called “Your Smiling Hygienist” and it was more about toothpaste and floss than smiling.


She was active on social media more than ever to promote her blog, and found she was annoyed at posts telling folks to “Smile”. Not that there’s anything wrong with spreading positive vibes. It was her fifteen years in dentistry, listening to and talking with people, that she learned there are specific reasons people don’t smile. Stigma, depression, loss – just to name a few and having dealt with her own post pardum depression and two miscarriages – she confirmed smiling ain’t always easy. But the kindness and support of family, friends, co-workers, patients and sometimes complete strangers helped.

So she decided to do things a little different…

She turned her “blog” into her own smile fashion design studio.  Designs created to make a unique statement, have a deeper meaning and actually help people smile. 
But she struggled with concerns of  “who cares about this? Is this a waste of time?”
So she put her big girl pants on and…
Got over the self-doubt, limiting thoughts and distractions and launched on a temporary platform. 
The response to our Signature Smile Style collection snuffed out the doubts and confirmed that the “Smiling Heart Squad” really does exist. And so we design everything for YOU.



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